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A referee’s assignment is not done until they’ve reported their match. Most match reports are straightforward, but occasionally there is a situation in a game that requires further explanation. In those cases, an official must fill out a supplemental match report. For games assigned in Central Assign, the supplement report is contained within the match report.

Supplemental match reports are a critical part of the reporting process, and are required in certain situations. While reports are mostly used to determine suspensions, they can also become evidence in insurance claims or even lawsuits. It is crucial that reports are filed whenever necessary to protect officials. These reports will be read by people who were not present at the game, so it’s important that they simply and clearly state what happened. Every member of the referee crew who was involved or has information about the situation should file a supplemental report. This guide is designed to help you fill out supplemental match reports.

For information about filing match reports on Central Assign, watch this video:

Complete a supplemental report for each of the following:

  • Serious Injuries
  • Any red card
  • Other unusual incidents 

Every member of the referee crew who was involved or has information about the situation should file a supplemental report. Supplemental reports should include all pertinent details to the incident. Just state the facts of what happened. Include the following:

  • When did the incident occur
  • Who was involved – use their name
  • What specifically happened
  • Where on the field did it occur
  • If offensive, insulting, or abusive language is used, quote directly what was said
  • Where applicable, use language from the Laws of the Game

The following are examples of supplemental reports and can be used as guides when filing a report.

Serious Injury

In the 63rd minute, Alaska United FC #11 Billy Smith was hit in the head with a ball kicked from approximately 10 yards away. Play was immediately stopped and the coaches from Alaska United were beckoned onto the field to treat the player. Smith did not return to the game. The match was restarted with a drop ball.

Red Card – Receiving a second caution in the same match

In the 58th minute, Walla Walla Wildcats #2 Melissa Williams was shown a red card and sent off for receiving two cautions in the same match. Williams received the first caution in the 42nd minute for dissent, and the second caution in the 58th minute for a reckless tackle. Williams left the field without incident, and play restarted with a direct free kick.  

Red card – Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity

In the 14th minute, Topeka Twisters #6 Darren Jones was shown the red card and sent off for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by foul. The foul occurred just outside the penalty arc, approximately 24 yards from goal. Jones tripped an attacker for the Kansas Kickers, which prevented the attackers’ imminent goal scoring opportunity. Jones left the field without incident and play restarted with a direct free kick.

Red Card – Serious foul play

In the 78th minute, Jersey Jackals #7 Todd Johnson was shown the red card and sent off for serious foul play. Johnson challenged an opponent for the ball using a straight leg with excessive force, and his studs made contact with the opposing player’s shin, endangering the safety of the opponent. Johnson did not leave the field in a timely manner. He dissented the referee’s decision, waving his arms in the air and saying, “You are a joke. You are a clown.” He then pushed an opponent in the chest as he was leaving the field. Once Johnson left the field play restarted with a direct free kick. 

Red Card – Violent conduct

In the 22nd minute, Fresno Fever #9 Joe Caine was shown the red card and sent off for violent conduct. With the ball out of play and the players preparing for a corner kick, an opponent backed into Caine. Caine then punched the opponent in the head with a closed fist, using excessive force. Caine’s teammates restrained him and pulled him away from the opposing player. Caine left the field without further incident and the match restarted with a corner kick.

Red Card – Offensive, insulting, or abusive language

In the 42nd minute, Boise Breakers Head Coach Jack Murphy was shown the red card and sent off for using offensive, insulting or abusive language. After the opposing team scored on a penalty kick, and the teams were preparing to kick off, Murphy yelled “That’s never a penalty. Ref, you screwed us. You are a cheater.” After being shown the red card, Murphy refused to leave. I informed him that if he didn’t leave, the referee crew would leave instead and the match would be abandoned. Murphy then left the sight and sound of the field. The match restarted with a kick off. 

Unusual Incident

During pregame field inspection, the referee crew noted that the goals were not anchored. We told the head coach of the home team, who told us that they haven’t had any all year. The referee crew told the coach that we cannot start the game without goal anchors. He then walked away from us and made a phone call. A man arrived with sandbags and they were placed on the back of the goals. The match started five minutes late because the sand bags were missing. The game was played without any further incidents.

Unusual Incident

In the 38th minute, after I called a foul at midfield, a fan yelled, “This ref sucks. Why is a girl reffing a guy’s game?” I went to both coaches and told them that the game would not restart until they removed that spectator from the field. The head coach of the home team walked across the field and told the fan he needed to leave. After a short discussion the fan left the sight and sound of the field. Play restarted with a direct free kick.

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