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Welcome to the Connecticut State Referee Program Website


the complete resource for Soccer Referees in Connecticut

CSRP Special Presentation

The CSRP is pleased to present a unique in-service clinic on Tuesday March 22, 2022 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, registration is now open. This is a virtual meeting and the link will be sent to registrants one day before the meeting.
Referees and Coaches - Developing the Relationship

Several coaches from the area will offer a brief presentation on their perspective,
followed by a round table discussion with questions and answers.

Post 2022 CSRP Referee Symposium Update

Thanks to Dr. Joe Machnik and Corey Rockwell for their fantastic presentations on Refereeing at the highest levels given at the CRSP Referee Symposium March 6.

A thought to consider from Dr. Joe Machnik, CSRP Symposium, March 6, 2022

A Soccer Referee has the "IT" Factor when the Referee...
... sees a play with instant and total clarity
... applies the correct Laws of the Game and the most recent interpretations
... relies on his/her background, training and experience
... has a feel for the game. has "Fingerspitzengefühl"
    (literal translation "fingertip feel", loose translation "great situational awareness")
... reads the situation and uses knowledgeable guesswork when not sure

Grassroots Recertification

Recertification for the officiating year 2022 is now OPEN.

Recertifying Referees must log into yoyr CSRP eRefreee account, scroll to "Clinic Administration" and from the list select register for Grassroots Recertification Clinic (GR22). After enrolling in the clinic you will receive a confirmation email with links to detailed instructions. Payment will be made in the US Soccer Learning Center.

All recertification work will be done online at your own pace at the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. All CSRP Referees should already have a profile at the Learning Center,so try logging in before signing up for a new account.

After logging in at the US Soccer Learning Center, scroll down and click Referee Program. Then, hover over courses (a red box will appear) then click on available courses. After the new page loads, on the left side of the screen click on Grassroots Recertifying Referee. Then, on the right, click Go To Course List and continue.


NEW REFEREE / Grassroots Training is now OPEN

Please create a profile on the CSRP Referee Clinics Page and also at the U.S. Soccer Learning Center .
New Referees must log into CTREFEREE.NET scroll to "Clinic Administration" and register for New Grassroots Recertification Clinic (GR21). Payment will be made at the Learning Center. After enrolling in the clinic you will receive a confirmation email with links to detailed instructions.

In addition to the coursework at the Learning Center, New Grassroots Referees are required to attend an in-person session with a USSF/CSRP Instructor.

Return To Play Covid Update

As Connecticut Returns To Play please keep in mind the decision to return to officiating is yours. The Referee Program does not set policy regarding back to play. Referees have to follow policies dictated by the competition. Please check with your Assignor if you are unsure of the competition rules.

For latest information regarding return to play please see the following links for Adult and Youth Soccer:

1. CSSA has sanctioned return to play – Click here for more information from the Connecticut State Soccer Association...

2. CJSA is in Phase 3 of return to play - Click here for more information from the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association...

Important Notice --- SafeSport Training is now required
to continue officiating in the CT Referee Program

All Referees 18 years old and older are required by Federal and State law to complete Safe Sport training by September 1, 2019. If your training is not completed and proof submitted to CSRP by September 1, 2019 you will be removed from the list of registered Referees and are prohibited from officiating after that date.

SafeSport training takes at least 90 minutes to complete but does not need to be completed in one sitting. Please get started as soon as possible. After the initial Safe Sport certification you will need to complete a yearly refresher, the refresher takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

To register, sign in or learn more go to The U.S. Center for SafeSport...

- Click on the "SIGN IN" link in the upper right corner
- First time users click on the "REGISTER" link and complete the prompted steps
- Select "US Soccer" from the dropdown list
- Enter the "access code" specific for the Connecticut Referee Program

    (the access code can be found in the email that was sent to you or log in to your eReferee account)

You will receive an email from SafeSport to confirm your email address and activate your account.
It is imperative that you select this link in the SafeSport email to complete the SafeSport registration process. After that you will access SafeSport through your SafeSport username/password to complete the training.

You will receive a certificate for each of the three sections you complete. Do not upload the individual certificates to your eReferee account, you must upload the final certificate that states Successful Completion of SafeSport Trained.

Save the "SafeSport Trained" certificate on your computer.

- Log into your eReferee account at https//www.ctreferee.net and scroll down to SafeSport Certification
- Click on Browse, find and select your saved certificate on your computer
- Click on upload now

If you have a SafeSport Trained certificate that is still valid you may upload that certificate to your CSRP eReferee account.

Note: If you will reach the age of 18 soon, make sure you are SafeSport Trained before your 18th birthday.

All Referees under the age of 18 will need parental permission to complete the training.

Unanchored Goals

Unanchored Goals = Serious Injury

It is the responsibility of the Referee to check for the safety of the players!!!

The Referee's authority begins upon arrival at the area of the field of play and continues until he or she has left the area of the field after the game has been completed. The Referee's authority extends to time when the ball is not in play, to temporary suspensions, to the half-time break, and to additional periods of play or kicks from the penalty mark required by the rules of the competition.

The first order of business for the Referee team upon entering the field is to determine the fitness of the field. Failing to perform that duty is a significant breach of the Referees' responsiblies and represents Referee misconduct.

IF Goals Are Not Anchored - Do Not Start The Game!!!

Referee Recognition

Check out the Connecticut Referee Program Facebook page to see and support the many Connecticut Referees who have been selected to officiate high profile events throughout the US.
Many documents on the CSRP web are offered in the PDF file format - to view or download these files you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain Adobe Reader for free from www.adobe.com by clicking on the Adobe PDF Reader image to the right: