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Assessments are a formal observation and recording of a referee’s performance in a match by an assessor certified with U.S. Soccer.  Assessors provide a debriefing to review their observations and submit official written feedback that includes a grade of a Referee’s performance.

If you meet the above Age, Game Experience, and Certification Experience, and feel you are ready for a formal assessment, please follow the steps in the link below. Assessments should only be requested if a Grassroots referee has met all the other (NEED LINK) to upgrade to a Regional referee, or if a Regional referee needs to re-certify or be eligible for National Camp selection. Referees who are just looking for mentoring should contact their assignor


  1. You must already be assigned to the match you would like assessed
  2. Requests for assessment must be submitted seven (7) days in advance of the match.  Requests made within seven (7) days of the match will likely not be assessed.
  3. You must pay the assessment fee before an assessor is assigned
  4. NOTE: A sub-par performance on a non-challenging match may receive a “Need Further Evaluation” score (69 or below) in which case the Referee must make it up with an additional passing assessment.



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