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Registration FAQ

  1. Am I registered once I pay?
    • NO, You must complete the 4 required assignments and have the registrar finalize your registration before you are a registered referee.
  2. Why do we have to take the SafeSport training?
    • The SafeSport policy comes directly from the U.S. Olympic Committee, of which the U.S. Soccer Federation is a member organization.
  3. The SafeSport training will not save as completed. How do I proceed?
    • When completing the SafeSport training you must hit the “submit” button that is on the left column, NOT the one at the bottom of the session.
  4. Why did I receive a license suspension email?
    • The SafeSport training is valid for one year. U.S Soccer will send a suspension notification once the SafeSport certification has expired.  The referee must renew the SafeSport certification in order to continue to be registered.
    • U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) policy requires that once referees turn 18, they must complete the SafeSport training and submit and receive a clear background check.
  5. The thinking wheel on the SafeSport training and “Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments” page keeps spinning.
    • We have experienced that this could be a browser issue.  The best quick practice would be to try a different browser.
  6. If I complete the background check, SafeSport training, and “Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments” as a coach, do I need to complete it as a referee?
    • Your background check will transfer to your referee profile if it was done through the Learning Center.
    • Your Safety courses will transfer over at the request of the referee to US Soccer. 
  7. How do I receive a refund?
    • You must send a refund request to and we will process your CSRP refund electronically

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